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Zigzag is the largest shopping app in Korea, with over 35 million downloads and counting. Focused on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, the app includes over 7,000 stores: from emerging Korean designers such as Insilence and Le to household names like Nike. Already popular among Gen Z in Korea, the brand needed a more precise, contemporary identity that would allow them to expand into new markets and keep pace with fashion. The rebrand updates core equities while reflecting the limitless exploration that has made Zigzag a go-to shopping destination since 2015.

With the updated brand identity, the look and feel for Zigzag’s app was designed to embrace the vibrant new color palette, art direction for photography, and of course the new brand elements from the identity.

With Team:
︎︎︎ Leo Porto
︎︎︎ Joseph Lebus
︎︎︎ Marcos Rodrigues
︎︎︎ Chae Park
︎︎︎ Thales Muniz