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︎︎︎2020 Behance Editorial Feature
︎︎︎2020 TDC66

There are spaces, such as the airport or the market, that are anonymous or generic, where we pass through them daily without any personal connections. Marc Augé describes these places as 'non-places'. They are places that do not hold enough significance to be regarded as a 'place'. But what happens when emotion gets involved? Personal meaning? This book examines the intersection between a non-place and place in both physical and digital settings, and the paths that people go through in a non-place for it to become a place with essays and curated images of non-places. The art direction for the photoshoot was to mimick the idea of handling something archival to translate the idea of having no trace left behind.

*This was a hypothetical book designed for a student project done at ArtCenter College of Design.