Converse x thisisneverthat®

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[Digital][Web][UI/UX][Web Development][HTML][jQuery][javascript]

Website for the Converse x thisisneverthat® collaboration featuring interview videos, lookbook, and 3d interactive products page. Also an interactive countdown box for the release of the collaboration for the thisisneverthat.com landing page.

Skills used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, and javascript


Design and development by Minhyung Lee

Website (converse.thisisneverthat.com)
Design and development by Heena Chung
3D model and sketchfab interaction by Minhyung Lee

Website Interactive Countdown Box
Design and development by Heena Chung

Interview Videos
Art Direction - thisisneverthat®
Seoul video directed by Mintae Kim
Tokyo video directed by Kiki
New York and Los Angeles video directed by Liam MacRae
Video edited by Mintae Kim
3D motion by Minhyung Lee
Sound by Kim Kate
Title and subtitle design by Minyeong Kwak